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Sand casting by JJ Foundry


Sand casting is suitable for casting various metal materials, especially those requiring large or complex shapes. Since sand molds can be customized according to the shape and size of the casting, they can meet the requirements of both simple geometric shapes and complex internal structures.

When it comes to casting complex core components, sand casting technique demonstrates its unique advantages. Complex cores are often used to form internal channels, holes, or other intricate structures within castings. By precisely designing the sand mold and core, we can ensure that the molten metal flows smoothly and fills the entire cavity during the casting process, resulting in structurally intact and precise castings.

HEC machinery(JJ foundry) has accumulated rich experience in the field of sand casting, especially in casting complex core components. Whether it's complex parts for the automotive industry, critical components for train manufacturing, or industrial equipment like condenser heat exchangers, we can successfully cast products that meet customer needs with our professional sand casting technique.

During the casting process, we pay attention to detail and precision control. From the design and production of the sand mold to the pouring, cooling, and cleanup of the molten metal, every step is strictly controlled to ensure the quality and performance of the final product.

Apart from technical strength and accumulated experience, we also focus on communication and collaboration with customers. We understand that each customer's need is unique; therefore, we provide customized sand casting solutions based on specific customer requirements, ensuring that customers receive satisfactory products and services.

In conclusion, the sand casting technique, as a mature casting process, has significant advantages in casting complex core components. With our rich experience and professional technical strength, our foundry can provide customers with high-quality sand casting products and services, supporting the development of various industries.

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