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Motorcycle Clutch End Cap
  • Motorcycle Clutch End CapMotorcycle Clutch End Cap

Motorcycle Clutch End Cap

Zhejiang HEC Machinery is the fourth factory of JJ group. Our foundries are specialized in complex aluminium castings for example heat exchangers and motorcycle parts motorcycle clutch end cap since 1986. These complex parts have a lot of sand cores and are produced in our facilities with a capacity of 70.000 ton of aluminium per year where we offer sand casting, shell core, gravity casting and die-casting (high and low pressure).

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Product Description

Motorcycle Clutch End Cap

1.Product Introduction

The motorcycle clutch end cap is the most important connection between your hand and the rear wheel, as far as controlling the machine. When working properly, most riders don’t give their clutch a second thought. However, the importance of the clutch quickly snaps into focus when there’s a problem with the system.

2.Product Parameter (Specification)

3.Product Feature And Application

motorcycle clutch end cap is a device designed to connect the transmission of a motorcycle to the engine, which when properly adjusted will slip at high speed, drag at low speeds and make neutral impossible to find at stops.

4.Product Details

Excellent finish

High strength

Typical quality control:


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