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HEC- Carbon Emissions and Circular Economy


HEC machinery has been committed to reducing carbon emissions, and has launched a series of emission reduction actions to help environmental protection.

ISO14000:2015 by WIT ASSESSMENT, NO:15/19E0657R00

Exhaust Emission and Water Check by XINTAI TESTING, test report No.,XTHT2103060, evaluation with good results.

NQC/SAQ: 76%

- We have 14 large scale facilities for exhaust emission and water treatment and we check and evalucte exhaust emission and water every year.

- We set up energy resource management system, measure energy resource and take actions to reduce them.

- In terms of logistics, a warehouse has been set up in Belfeld, the Netherlands since 2012 to calculate and integrate optimal stacking of products in containers as far as possible, especially for products with a voluminous and low weight ratio. After calculation of the optimal design and/or optimal mix with other products combined, the transportation space can be utilized more efficiently and in some cases even doubled which will significantly reduce the carbon emission in transportation.

- Continuous improvement of quality and efficiency by ourselves and with the assistance of suppliers to further reduce carbon emissions in production.

   Ourselves: set up a quality meeting every Tuesday to solve the top 3 problems. Even if the structure is very complex and the casting is composed of dozens of cores, our raw casting (un-machined castings)        qualification rate of most products can reach more than 99%. ( Generally other Chinese foundries have defined 93% as a good quality level for complex castings)

   Supplier: assist the supplier with continuous improvements, form a team, help the supplier to stabilize processes and quality.

- Focus on technology and processes:

   For example, to change the maturing of the sample process which is provided by our customers as made by other advanced foundry , adopt new technology like rotating pouring, reducing the weight proportion of   gate and riser from 65% to 18%, so as to reduce the natural gas and electricity consumption of the melting.

   For example, the mold flow analysis and design can reduce the failure of the manufacturing process.

   For example, Centralized furnace and natural gas green energy furnaces are adopted....

The short-term target are:

- We are chose by the local government as an recycling demonstration company to implement classification and collection within our company.

- Set up cleaning and drying line to save water and electricity resources and to connect with test exhaust gas of condensing boiler to save energy.

The long-term target plan are:

- As far as possible to achieve sustainable development of product manufacturing such as condensing Heat Exchanger and Fluecool system, CHP unit and hybrid systems, advice on energy systems and controls and provide global green products.

Cooperation with a professional photovoltaic company

In 2017, through the roof space leasing method we cooperated with professional photovoltaic company, investments of solar devices and regularly maintenance were undertaked by photovoltaic company. The Agreement was they pay certian amount of annual rents and we purchase solar power at a low price, and we have the right priority to use the solar energy, they can sell to the surrounding companies if there are surplus energy.

Since then, a large-scale solar system have been installed on the roof of workshop, No. 1, 2 and 3 of the plant, with a total area of 42,500square meters. which generates 3,000,000 + kwh of energy every year, reducing 3000+ tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Data of usage of solar power in the previous three years:

In 2018, solar power used 2,034,120 kwh, accounting for 43.89% of the total electricity consumption.

In 2019, solar power used 2,138,400 kwh, accounting for 39.35% of the total electricity consumption.

In 2020, solar power used 2,067,040 kwh, accounting for 42.87% of the total electricity consumption.

It's a win-win situation. For our company, we get the rents which casue us nothing and 45% of power saving comparing to normal electricity costs, for photovoltaic company, it is a way to increase their market and trunover, so we think this practice can be replicabled by others.

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